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Yarn Raw Material
Imported yarn including cotton 、
conventional covering yarn, air
covering yarn, and all kinds of textile
use synthetic fiber
· Leahander Trading Limited (HK)
covering yarn
Nylon-spandex cover yarn 、
polyester-spandex cover yarn 、
intermingle yarn, cotton covered
yarn, twisted yarn, and metallic
· Orient Fair Textiles Limited (HK)
· Zhongshan Da Chong Elastic Thread Factory Limited
· Zhongsh an Aceland Elastic Fiber Limited
"愛絲龍"品牌 氣流紡紗  
Air covering yarn Nylon/spandex,
polyester/spandex, or
cotton/spandex twisted covering
yarn, air covering yarn,
intermingle yarn, and ply yarn
· Leaguer Textiles Limited
· Zhongshan Xin Tai Textiles Limited